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CGA Belgrade meets Banja Luka 2020

CGA Belgrade meets Banja Luka 2020

February 28, 2020 | 50 Jevrejska Street, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of the first meetup event this year, CGA Belgrade is coming to Banja Luka! In partnership with Holoscope and ROBOKIDS, we are organizing our next gathering on February 28th at the ROBOKIDS premises in Banja Luka.

Throughout the day-long program, local and regional professionals and VFX artists will share their experience and knowledge in the computer graphics and visual effects industries in film and games. If you are interested or are already interested in topics such as concept art in video games, character design, 3D art and the development of the visual effects industry in the region, CGA Meetup in Banja Luka is a good opportunity to gain fresh insight into these areas and connect with colleagues from the region.

As part of the gathering, anyone interested in 3D art and concept art will be able to apply to participate in the workshop Introduction to Organic Modeling: Character and Creature Design. The workshop is led by Sasa Ristic Krieger, a senior concept and 3D artiste known for her character design for games, and with Sasa, participants will be introduced to working in the Zbrush program used for organic modeling.

CGA Belgrade is a conference that brings together the local and international community in the computer graphics industry. As a platform, through various activities and events throughout the year, CGA Belgrade connects students and professionals working in the film industry, advertising, 3D animation, gaming, VR and digital art to share knowledge, experience, networking and professional development.

Participation in the event is free with pre-registration! Welcome!

Applying for the event:

Applying for a workshop Introduction to Organic Modeling:

The agenda will be announced soon!

For more info, visit at CGA Belgrade

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