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International Animation Day 2018 Celebrations Begins Soon

International Animation Day 2018 Celebrations Begins Soon

October 28 is International Animation Day. It’s a day to recognize and celebrate the artists, the scientists and the technicians behind animated art including animated movies.

ASIFA created the International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002, honoring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.

International Animation Day 2018 Celebrations begins soon…


We are planning for International Animation Day on October 28th, We are wondering if there is any interest in having a screening in your area? We planned many places for screening around the world. If you are interested, you would just need to find a place to show that could be open to the public. It should be free or charge to cover the expenses. We will be collecting the work from around the world and putting together the program to distribute to the locations around the world. ALSO: if you would like to submit a short film to be exchanged and shown around the world, let me know. Special speakers share their knowledge they also welcome for that event. The deadline for submitting is Oct 08, 2018. contact if you are interested through below email!

International Animation Day 2018 International

Any of the studio/organization is interested to organize this events in your area they are welcome to contact. We are ready to guide and support for you.

International Animation Day 2018 India

In India, we are planning to celebrate this event in Mumbai, Chennai and many more places. If any of the studio/organization they are ready to support/sponsor they are welcome to contact.

If any of them interested to share their knowledge, which topics you are interested to share your knowledge you are also welcome to share the details. Speakers are also welcome.

Special Activities for International Animation Day 2018

We are providing special activities for ‘International Animation Day (IAD)’. This activities for every year in International Animation Day from 2018. We will also special activities for ‘Christmas/New Year and Year End Stories/Interviews’. We will share the information’s later. This activities for encourage animators/artists/professionals and many more from around the world.

News Updates: We also welcome for your latest updates for International Animation Day news/activities/special talks and many more.

Events Updates: If any of the International Animation Day events updates/activities we are ready to share the information’s around the world. If any of the studio/organizations interested to organize any IAD Event they also welcome.

Special Greetings: We also welcome Greetings Message from Animation/VFX Studios/Organizations around the world. Greetings based for International Animation Day. Greetings are welcome in the Image Formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG) or Video Formats (Vimeo, YouTube). The deadline for submitting is Oct 15, 2018.

Special Quotes: We also welcome to share Special Quotes for International Animation Day. Director/Producer/Supervisor/Founder and many more they can share Special Animation Quotes with their photo and their short Biography and also mentioned your place with country. We will select the Best Animation Quotes and we will share that. Animation Quotes based video also welcome.

Special Interviews: If any of the studio/organizations are interested to share time for special interview for International Animation Day. They also welcome to share their topics and their ideas. We are ready for Special Interview.

Special Videos: If any of the studio/organizations are interested to make special video for International Animation Day. They are welcome and we will also support for that. You can also share any special videos/breakdowns/technology and many more.

Special Products: If any of the special T-Shirts, Mugs, Badges and many more products is available you can share the details for that. You can also share your special group photo with us.

For all information’s to update contact at / Last Date to Send Details for Special Activities for International Animation Day is Oct 20, 2018.

International Animation Day (IAD) Special News Updates will begins from 1st October 2018. For more information’s or suggestions you are welcome to contact with VFX Online.

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