Silverdraft Announces World’s First Graphics Engine With GPUs

Silverdraft Announces World’s First Graphics Engine With GPUs

New Devil GPU is ideal for real-time ray tracing and rending.

BOISE, Idaho – Dec 19, 2019Silverdraft announced today the full production launch of the world’s first 10-GPU system for real-time ray tracing and visual effects rendering. The Devil GPU is the world’s most flexible, scalable, and configurable GPU compute engine designed to accelerate and overcome visualization workloads. The system boasts:

Dual 12Core Intel CPUs
Up to 3TB of DDR4-2667 MHz
4 x hot swap-able PCIe NVMe drive bays
10 x hot swap-able 2.5″ SATA 6G drive bays

“I am beyond excited to announce the full production of this groundbreaking system. We have been working with early adopters since the beginning of 2019 to demonstrate our ability to solve the most demanding visualization challenges, resulting in highly successful showings at SIGGRAPH and Autodesk University this year,” says Amy Gile, Co-Founder and CEO of Silverdraft. She went on to say: “The new Devil GPU will enable our clients across all verticals like automotive design and manufacturing, media and entertainment, architecture, engineering, and construction to visualize with the highest fidelity, accuracy, and realism.”

The Devil GPU enables a faster, more complete workflow, allowing clients to meet next-generation visualization challenges not available on any other GPU compute platform. This scalable compute system not only tackles ray racing but is also perfect for multi-user VR in a single system, as well as rendering, virtual production, and AI workloads.

About Silverdraft

Silverdraft is the premier virtual and visualization solutions provider crafted around proprietary computing hardware, software and services that is powering the VR, AR, and AI revolution of design and content creation. Silverdraft focuses on the use of unique supercomputing architecture to address significant computational, processing, and thermal needs of high-end rendering in VR, AR, AI, VFX, Visualization and other high-performance workloads. Silverdraft is unshackling Artists & Engineers so they can freely explore and create in new mediums with dramatic impact.

Source: Silverdraft, PR Newswire

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