VFX Horde – Free Nuke Licenses, Finally, a Way to Get Unstuck

VFX Horde – Free Nuke Licenses, Finally, a Way to Get Unstuck

October 5, 2020 – The Foundry has approved the VFX Horde as an official education partner and we are now able to offer Nuke licenses to people who enroll in the Review Room or Career Advancement Program.

When you enroll, you will get a Nuke license valid for a year so plenty of time to work and refine your VFX Horde shots for your demo reel. After that, you have the option to upgrade to a permanent commercial license at a roughly 70% discount rate and only pay for the price of maintenance. A great transition into becoming a professional VFX artist—just another way the VFX Horde is the missing piece between VFX education and a career in VFX.

So here it is again:

Fills in your knowledge and skills gaps that you need to work professionally (stuff your university did not teach you)
Build a relevant and professional demo reel with VFX Horde shots and assets
Have a year license of Nuke and then upgrade to a commercial license at 70% discount.

That sounds like an amazing path forward to people that might feel they are stuck. That is what the VFX Horde is here for—to help people that are stuck between graduation and a full-time VFX career.

Act now, you only have 5 days to enroll in the Review Room:

Source: VFX Horde

For more information, please visit at VFX Horde

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