Women in Animation Vancouver ACE Program Deadline June 15th, 2020

Women in Animation Vancouver ACE Program Deadline June 15th, 2020

Women in Animation Vancouver’s ACE (Animation Career EXCELerator) Program is designed to advance the careers of women in the animation industry by giving them a key credit in the creation of their very own short film, TV proof of concept or web series pilot, and providing mentorship and training along the way, to ensure they are set-up for success.

The program includes:

Individual mentoring for each participant
Group-wide mentorship and training
Individual pitch training, focusing on how to present and sell yourself and network
Marketing and pitch training for the development and pitching of their own IP
Attendance at a festival and/or market
Promotion of each participant through social media initiatives and industry networking opportunities

Why does this work?

“Women don’t have the experience.” = This program provides the experience and training to prepare women to succeed

“We can’t find women for these roles.” = The program shines a spotlight on these women, so that studios and production companies can ‘find’ women for these roles

It reduces the risk level for studios, in promoting these women to senior roles, by giving women the opportunity to show they are capable of managing the responsibilities required.

This program ‘pays it forward’. Studies show that women tend to hire more women, so having women in these key creative roles, increasing the opportunities for diversity into the future, beyond the initial participants.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Must be individuals identifying as women or non-binary
  • Must be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Must be residents of British Columbia
  • Women of diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous women, women of colour, women with disabilities, LGBTQ+2 women, and non-binary individuals are encouraged to apply.

All applications should be submitted in a single email to: with their desired position in the subject line, along with their name (Example: Director – Jane Wong) by midnight, June 15th, 2020. Links are accepted for portfolios and/or demo reels.

Any questions about the program can be submitted to: with the subject heading: Questions


For more information, please visit at Women in Animation Vancouver

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