Don’t Miss Virtual SIGGRAPH 2020

Don’t Miss Virtual SIGGRAPH 2020

Don’t Miss this year Virtual SIGGRAPH 2020! Here few sessions details are below! Many more SIGGRAPH 2020 sessions are avilable at SIGGRAPH 2020 website!

SIGGRAPH 2020, Explore the latest innovations in your field and connect with a global community of creators and thought-leaders at SIGGRAPH 2020. Experience this year’s top advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques from the comfort of your home or office.

Beginning 17 August, on-demand content will be available. This will allow exploration, learning, and the opportunity for participants to review presentations in advance of interactive sessions with contributors beginning 24 August. Additionally, 24–28 August will include other various “can’t miss” scheduled sessions. All scheduled sessions take place in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC/GMT -7). For the convenience of participants, on-demand content will continue to be available for viewing through 27 October.

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Tangent Labs at SIGGRAPH 2020

What’s LoUPE all about? Drop by our virtual booth at SIGGRAPH 2020 to find out! We’ll be hosting LoUPE demos and live Q&As with our team from August 25-27 at 12:30pm (EST) & 7:00pm (EST). (Join the Session)

Boris FX at SIGGRAPH 2020

We’ll be live streaming all day on August 26! Awesome customer presentations, Q&As, prize giveaways & more. (Join the Session)

AI Powered Rotoscoping at LAIKA

LAIKA’s VFX Supervisor Steve Emerson and Production Technology Director Jeff Stringer have recorded an on-demand presentation that will be available for all pre-registered Siggraph attendees, and will answer questions at a larger AI Powered Rotoscoping at LAIKA technical Q&A – LIVE – on Aug 26 from 9-9:30 am. (Join the Session)

Shogun VFX Real-Time Sign Language Finger Capture – Presented by Vicon

Tim Doubleday, Entertainment Product Manager, Vicon will also be virtually presenting Vicon’s new VFX real-time sign language finger capture solution on 8/26 at 8:30 am PDT at SIGGRAPH 2020. (Join the Session)

Walt Disney at SIGGRAPH 2020

A new curve-based workflow to procedurally create realistic looking embroidery was developed for the costumes in Frozen 2. Ying Liu discusses how this was done in Making Beautiful Embroidery for ‘Frozen 2’. (Join the Session)

Cinesite at SIGGRAPH 2020

1/2 Join Graham Peddie, Cinesite Montreal COO at siggraph virtual to learn how Cinesite uses cloud rendering tools to increase performance and adaptability. The talk will include footage and will be available on Aug 27. (Join the Session)

Hybride Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2020

Siggraph 2020: For HBO’s Watchmen, Hybride’s work translated into squids raining down on the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Listen in on how they experimented with a variety of techniques to optimize and manage such complex simulations. (Join the Session)

VFX Rio at SIGGRAPH 2020

VFX Rio, We will be performing VFXRio Live during Siggraph 2020-Friday August 28th (9 am-10 am pacific time). (Join the Session)

Microsoft Azure SIGGRAPH 2020 Fast Forward

Welcome to Microsoft at SIGGRAPH 2020. This is our home for all content created specifically for Virtual SIGGRAPH. Please view our Fast Forward video above where in 3 minutes we detail all the content on this site and how to connect with our team during the conference. (Join the Session)

Noitom at SIGGRAPH 2020

Experience SIGGRAPH 2020 like never before! Our virtual booth will showcase Perception Neuron Studio in all it’s hybrid tracking glory. Register for the virtual conference on us using the code NOITOM20. Starts Tuesday 9AM! (Join the Session)

Xsens at SIGGRAPH 2020

We will be at the Virtual Siggraph Conference with multiple exciting sessions about our motion capture solutions. (free with code Xsens20) (Join the Session)

For more information, please visit at SIGGRAPH 2020

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