Free Home Licenses And Software Deals For Work From Home

Free Home Licenses And Software Deals For Work From Home

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic forces people worldwide to self isolate to help slow the spread of the disease, it has begun to respond.

Over the past few weeks, VFX & Animation software organizations have begun to offer free licences of their products to anyone who needs to work from home during the next few months. In these any updates required reach out editor email.


Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until May 31, 2020 for schools and colleges who currently have only lab access for students, at no additional cost.

To be eligible for this access, your school or college must be a current customer with an active Device, Shared Device License, or Serial Number plan. This at-home access is temporary, and will apply to Adobe ID, Federated ID or Enterprise ID users in your Adobe Admin Console. The temporary licenses may be provided and removed at Adobe’s sole discretion.

More information here.


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting communities, families, and people around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, directly or indirectly. At Autodesk, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and partners.

Beyond the health and safety of the Autodesk community, we are also working to ensure our customers have reliable access to their software and Autodesk support. To that end, Autodesk is closely monitoring the guidance provided by governments and health organizations so we can make informed decisions with our entire community in mind.

More information here.


The safety and well-being of all our team members and their families is a top priority. We are monitoring updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US State Department, and local government agencies in countries in which Avid has a presence and providing frequent guidance to our employees in response to changing conditions.

After careful assessment and contemplation, and an in-depth work from home (WFH) preparedness assessment for business continuity, Avid will transition to a state of mandatory work from home beginning on Monday, March 23. This applies to all Avid locations globally, with the exception of limited essential personnel. We have also imposed business travel restrictions and established office protocols to ensure the safety of all Avid team members who are essential personnel and must conduct their work at the office. This includes limiting face-to-face meetings and making use of digital conferencing channels and tools to comply with advice about social distancing.

More information here.

Boris FX

Temporary licenses are being provided for individuals and companies under active upgrade and support plans whose offices and facilities have temporarily been closed due to issues related to COVID-19. These licenses are not intended for individual users who already own Boris FX products and wish to receive an additional free license.

If you or your company find yourself in this unfortunate position, please contact to speak to a representative who can assist you.

More information here.


Here at CelAction we’ve been helping our clients prepare to work from home for the past few weeks, quietly and without fanfare. Everyone who asked us for help has been helped, and this situation has been our highest priority. We didn’t even think about publicising it, because our clients know they can talk to us about their needs and we always respond.

So it was with surprise and some disappointment that we saw other major software companies in our sector offer help in the form of at-home licences that were limited from 90 days to as low as 30 days. While we hope that the COVID-19 disruption doesn’t last for months, nobody knows how long it will last. But what is certain is that the effects of shifting work to home will take time, cause stress, and have an ongoing impact on schedules.

More information here.


To help public health agencies and other organizations jump-start their response to COVID-19, Esri is providing the ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Response template at no cost through a complimentary six-month subscription of ArcGIS Online with ArcGIS Hub Basic. The template includes examples, materials, and configurations to rapidly deploy an ArcGIS Hub environment.

ArcGIS Hub is a framework to build your own website to visualize and analyze the COVID-19 crisis in the context of your organization’s or community’s population and assets.

More information here.

e-on software

For all of you who are stuck at home, with maybe your kids or grand kids to look after, or simply looking for creative ways to spend your confinement time, we’d like to offer you 2 months of free access to our Creator Solutions until April 15, 2020.

Only available to non current users of our Creator, Professional or Enterprise solutions. 1 free license request by requester and household. The complimentary license cannot extend an existing Creator annual license.

More information here.


In response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in remote work, ftrack is offering its review and approval software, ftrack Review, completely free of charge until 31 May, 2020.

By making ftrack Review free for all, ftrack hopes to encourage business continuity in the creative sector throughout the current unpredictable situation.

More information here.


As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our industry, we want to ensure that our users and partners continue to have access to our software and services in the safest way.

To help companies who may be experimenting with new infrastructure or artists learning new software, we have reset our trial database, meaning you can now access a new 30-day trial for all products, independent of the date of your last trial. We also continue to offer unlimited non-commercial use of Nuke and Mari. For any students who are unable to attend school and can no longer access school facilities, we also offer a year of free access to Nuke, Modo, Mari and Katana.

More information here.

Just a few weeks ago the new reality brought on by COVID-19 was unfathomable. Alas, here we are living through a global pandemic, together. “Together” is the key word.

Now through the end of March 2020, we are offering 2TB of free extra storage capacity for the next 90 days. If you could use that additional storage to accommodate work from home workflows, please email to get it setup on your account.

More information here.


COVID-19 For some time, we all really need crowds to stay virtual, so we’ll be happy to transfer any commercial license to personal machines for people working from home.

To proceed, contact us here:

More information here.


As you all know, the COVID-19 outbreak is now a pandemic. We want to reassure you, we will do everything possible to accommodate you during this crisis. We’ve already taken all precautions possible to continue providing you with our best support in these difficult times.

We also understand you may be considering the implementation of a remote working policy. This page should reply to most of the questions you might have regarding a remote usage of our software. Rest assured our teams will be always available to offer you their full assistance on any licensing or technical questions you might have.

More information here.


In light of measures enacted globally to ensure our collective health, we understand many of you are settling in to new remote work and study arrangements. For an academic lab, professional studio, or individual artist, moving a collection of software licenses is one more possible stress added to the mix.

For remaining questions, feel free to contact us at We at Marmoset thank you all for your awesome support, and encourage you to keep creating.

More information here.

Numerion Software

We are getting a number of requests for temporary Carbon licenses from artists needing to work from home. We are happy to support this request for existing Carbon licensees and also any artists that find themselves stuck at home and want to try out the latest Carbon features.

These licenses will work with the Carbon for Maya and Carbon for Houdini plug-ins and we intend to keep this resource available until at least 30th April and then we will reassess. These licenses require you to remain connected to the internet. If that doesn’t work for your situation, then please email us to get a temporary machine locked license.

More information here.


We know that most of you have started doing ‘Home Office’, and this new way of working remotely has it’s issues and challenges.

In these trying times, we would like to offer our help to the Archviz community by making our products available and free for everyone as long as the situation needs.

More information here.


As the CG industry institutes work-from-home (WFH) practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we’d like to help ease this transition both functionally and financially.

From today, QuadSpinner will be offering WFH licenses for artists who use Gaea in their studio, but who don’t have a copy at home. This will include Professional and Enterprise license customers, including site license holders.

More information here.


Reallusion is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we know right now that many schools and workgroups are looking to adapt their working arrangements to slow down the spread of COVID-19. To support you and your teams during this time of uncertainty, Reallusion is providing a temporary access.

A free of charge, temporary license for team members to work/learn remotely. The temporary license will end on June 30th, 2020.

More information here.


With all that’s going on right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the many stories we’re hearing from the creative community about how they’re being severely impacted, we felt it was our responsibility to try to offer as much support as possible during this incredibly difficult time.

The introduction of the 90-day free trial and deeply discounted pricing is done in the hope that this will make life a little easier for people who rely on creative software to make a living, but may be stuck at home without their usual tools, or for students who might not have access to their Affinity apps on their personal devices.

More information here.


Shotgun’s project management and pipeline tools connect teams wherever they are. Through May 31, we are offering a free trial of Shotgun as part of our Extended Access Program.

No commitment. No credit card required.

More information here.


Learn Substance at your pace, anytime, anywhere with unlimited access to tutorials, documentation, and training resources. Personalize your experience and track progress.

Try Substance 30 days free trial!

More information here.

Toon Boom Animation

Being a technology company, remote work has always come naturally to us; over the coming months our clients (both Studios and Educational Institutions alike) may be facing realities of working from home for the first time. Toon Boom wants to help.

In light of the current health concerns worldwide related to COVID-19, we are providing our studios and educational institutions free 30 day home use licenses for their staff, teachers and/or students.

More information here.

Ziva Dynamics

In light of recent international health policies, many companies are shutting their doors in the interest of staff safety and health. If your team is currently working remotely to restrict the spread of COVID-19, your staff can now access all Ziva VFX tools from home, at no added cost.

To access team-wide complimentary Remote Licenses, please contact the Ziva Team at This offer is available until May 18, 2020 or until further notice.

More information here.

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