Future of Film Summit 2020 (18th to 20th November 2020)

Future of Film Summit 2020 (18th to 20th November 2020)

Future of Film Summit, We are delighted to announce that Future of Film Summit will be fully digital in 2020, bringing the event to a truly global audience.

In what we aim to be the world’s most dynamic and exciting professional film gathering, you can expect an extensive programme of keynotes, panels and workshops alongside a global audience of filmmakers, storytellers, film professionals and technologists.

This will NOT be just a series of Zoom presentations! Instead, we are creating a digital-first interactive experience that will break down the barriers between presenters and participants and provide enhanced peer-to-peer networking.

Over the 3 days, the Summit will feature over 70 speakers and an estimated 2000+ participants from across the global film and creative community.

And the great news is our EARLYBIRD ticket offer means that for an investment of just over £20 you will receive complete 3-day access to the 2020 Summit.

BUT HURRY – this offer expires 31st July!

2020 has shown just how fragile the current film model actually is. The opportunity is to now work together to make something stronger, something better. That’s our goal and I sincerely hope that you can JOIN US in this endeavour as we work together to create a new future of film.

For more information, please visit at Future of Film Summit

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