‘Hazard’ Upcoming 3D Animated Feature Film

‘Hazard’ Upcoming 3D Animated Feature Film

Hazard‘, It is 3D Animated Feature Film using Unreal Engine. Film intended for international distribution Film supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

Format: 3D Animation
Duration: 96 minutes
Place & time of film action: ODESSA (Ukraine), 90s

Tag Line: The Fortune flushes cards and we play.

Log Line: Protagonist of the movie Dice is a professional gambler. Once failed, he is forced to play by stranger’s rules. He tries to quit but phantoms of the past further tighten him in the trap of Hazard.


French businessman Jean-Michel comes to Odessa in early 1990’s. He opens the first VIP casino in the city and marries Russian girl. Their daughter was born several years later.

Returning home one day Jean-Michael notices young man names Dice on the bridge, who tries to commence suicide. Jean-Michael prevents his fatal act. Young man is in despair, because his girlfriend left him. Jean-Michael helps Dice and employs him as a croupier in his casino.

As time passes Dice becomes one of the best croupiers. Vilen, a swindler, engaged in casino cons, pays attention on him. Once during game on roulette Dice becomes an unintentional collaborator of Vilen’s fraud. Dice takes his side because of fear. Vilen generously encourages the dark side of Dice. Since that moment Dice takes part in Vilen’s cons and further falls under his control.

Once Vilen decides to overtake the casino. He arranges an attempt upon Jean-Michael. During shooting Jean-Michael remains alive, but his wife Masha perishes. Vilen decides to reach his goal by another way. He arranges a card game with Jean-Michael, in which Dice hands over marked cards. As a result of a game Jean-Michael looses not only a casino but also his life. At the last moment Jean-Michael succeeds to disappear without a trace. Vilen takes away his casino and young daughter.

10 years passed. Now Vilen is a big boss in gambling business. Dice is a professional gambler who did not succeed to withdraw from Vilen’s influence. By a fatal chance on the runs of cockroaches Dice looses a lot of money that belongs to Vilen. Vilen threatens Dice and requires money to be returned, but Dice does not have money.

A mysterious figure of character appears in the city. He organizes the game Quest with a big money prize. Vilen is angry about mysterious competitor on his territory. He imposes Dice participating in Quest. Dice must win, meet character and kill him. Dice is forced to adopt Vilen’s cruel rules of game again.

Quest is an intellectual game-race during which selected crews have to solve 3 tasks-riddle and come to the finish first. During a game Dice meets a mysterious stranger Inga. She becomes his navigator during the game. There are a lot of obstacles on their way: crews, participating in the game and dizzy tasks, skillfully placed by a game manager DJ Elvis. During the game Dice and Inga fall in love with each other.

Despite all difficulties Dice and Inga become winners of Quest game. Dice meets mysterious character. It is a «phantom» from the past of Dice, Jean-Michael whom he betrayed 10 years ago. During their meeting Dice repents in things he committed. Inga becomes the unintentional witness of this conversation. She learns what happened to her parents many years ago and what was committed by Vilen and Dice.

Dice can not execute the order of Vilen – to kill Jean-Michael. He decides to escape from the city together with Inga. But Inga has already made her choice. She takes vengeance for her lost family. Inga kills Vilen and injures Dice.

Injured Dice, looking into the death’s eyes makes his last bet. Is it the last one?


Game is the measure of life in time and space. The rules were set for you by someone else and you are only a piece on chess-board, which is being transferred from black to white. You think that you’ve made a step, an action, but it was made for you. You are just a small chain in the machine called – the Game. Everything plays against you. Will you be able to stand your ground in this fight? So let’s start our game.

“Hazard” – is neo-noir film with elements of thriller. The plot of the film absorbed all characters of conventionalized criminal drama – film noir. An entourage of the night city, fulfilled with the atmosphere of despair and the breath of death, gaming-houses with neon signs, night clubs in art deco style, fast cars and people playing with their destiny.

Film tells the story of two main heroes – Dice and Inga. They have a lot in common. They had to overcome tragedy in the past, which changed destiny of these young people fundamentally. Dice is a professional gambler, running on the blade of his life recklessly balancing between winning and loosing, life and death. Once choosing a false way he became completely depended on the boss of criminal world and now he has to enjoy the consequences of his act.

Being just a little girl, Inga lost her mother and then father. It made an indelible mark on her attitude to life. Inga had to realize that childhood is over too early. The destinies of Dice and Inga cross. They have to oppose the biker’s gang, win the game called “Quest” and fight with totem bull during one long night. And finally fall in love with each other. But the morning fog will tragically destroy their short-term happiness.

The story of the movie develops during one long night. Movie plot is compressed with the help of repeating flashbacks that transfer us 10 years backwards. That is the method that allows us to create a feeling of inevitable fate because the fatalistic mood is typical for film-noir. One feels that no matter how you try to run away from the destiny, you won’t be able to do it.

The movie will be shot only in the locations of a night city. It’s very important to create the visual perception of synthetic world, where the heroes have to dissolve in an atmosphere of city lost in hazard. Our heroes, being the part of this world, hope at heart to escape from this whirlpool one day.

Taking into account the genre and style of the movie, we should emphasize on the special importance of the visual style. Expressive play of light and shadow, precisely lined up frames showing the essence of an action, dynamic editing allows audience to be involved into the movie from the beginning till end. Color spectrum will be sustained in the aesthetic of film-noir and German expressionism. There will be animated insertions, computer graphics and special effects in the movie.

By this movie we want audience to feel emotions of our key heroes trapped by hazard and find out outcomes of that long night.

Hazard Film Credits

Film Director & Screenwriter – Alexey Panteleev
Virtual Reality Producer – Daniil Zolotarenko
Director of Photography – Alexey Stepanov
Concept Artist – Kirill Malov
CGI Supervisor – Sergey Lebakin
Set Designer – Vassa Bagalika
Marketing & Communications – Igor Myasnikov
Executive Producer – Olga Misko
Producer – Roman Negrienko

Source: Hazard

For more information, please visit at Hazard

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