Highlights of FMX 1994-2020

Highlights of FMX 1994-2020

Building on its history of highlighting outstanding people and projects, FMX is establishing a new series of online shows. To bridge the time until we can all meet again in person, Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut is happy to announce the Highlights of FMX 1994-2020.

This new series of online shows will kick off from May 5-8, the dates that FMX 2020 was originally going to take place, and will continue bi-weekly until the end of the year. Each episode will be dedicated to an outstanding personality from the rich history of FMX.

We will present highlights from talks and interviews with speakers from FMX’s past, and we are giving you the opportunity to send them your questions. The centerpiece of each show will be an extended interview with our personality of the day.

Here are the first confirmed interviewees:

Tuesday, May 5, 6 pm CET: Jan Pinkava, Director, Pinkava Productions

Being a pioneer in various fields of animation and immersive media, Jan Pinkava has been a continuous source of inspiration for FMX over the last two decades. In his exclusive interview, Jan will give you an update on his personal views on the world of animation.

Wednesday, May 6, 6 pm CET: Volker Engel, President, Uncharted Territory

Working on iconic VFX movies over the last 30 years, Volker Engel has crossed from SFX to VFX and used a unique VFX-hub for each blockbuster production. In this exclusive interview, Volker will elaborate on his vast experience and perspective in VFX, and beyond.

Thursday, May 7, 6 pm CET: Regina Pessoa, Animation Director, Ciclope Films

Embracing the spirit of Eastern European animation, Portuguese animator Regina Pessoa has developed a unique artistic style and created highly personal films that have all become cornerstones of independent animation. In an exclusive interview, Regina will give us insights into her work – past, present and future.

Friday, May 8, 6 pm CET: Ed Hooks, Actor / Acting for Animators

Teaching generations of animators what is essential in bringing the soul of a character to life, Ed Hooks has been a highlight of FMX throughout the years. In his exclusive interview, Ed will tell us how he plans to continue to bring his Acting for Animators series of workshops to a worldwide audience.

Watch our Highlights of FMX 1994-2020 trailer!

From May 11 onwards, we will continue to bring you a new episode of Highlights of FMX 1994-2020 every two weeks.

We would love to hear from you:

Are there any highlights from FMX’s past that you would like to see picked up and discussed in our online series?

Please send us your feedback and questions via, and we will do our best to address your input.

We hope you are all well – and we hope to see you again, in person, at the 25th anniversary edition of FMX, from May 4-7, 2021.

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