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Hyper Scape – Platige Image unveil new Ubisoft trailer

Hyper Scape – Platige Image unveil new Ubisoft trailer

Warsaw, 22 July 2020 – The studio presented animation which introduces an entirely new Hyper Scape universe created by Ubisoft. The animation reveals an almost 3-minute vision of the real and virtual worlds from the year 2054. This is another project produced by Platige Image during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 130 Platige Image artists were involved in the production
  • Platige Image created over 200 assets to satisfy the needs of the cinematics
  • The studio has prepared trailers for Ubisoft for productions such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Watch Dogs 2 so far.

Client: Ubisoft Montreal
Director: Bartłomiej Kik
CG Supervisor: Bartosz Skrzypiec
Art. Director: Karol Klonowski
CG Producer: Agata Bereś
Executive Producer: Piotr Prokop
Head of CG: Bartłomiej Witulski
Head of Production: Magdalena Machalica

Bartek Kik – Platige Image

At its core, Hyper Scape is an intense, fast-paced and vertical free-to-play FPS Battle Royale, but it’s also a brand new IP with a rich lore, an original story and a cast of unique and diverse characters. The cinematic trailer introduces the global narrative of Hyper Scape that will be developed season after season.

Platige Image has been involved in this cinematic trailer project since the very beginning, from the work on the script to setting up dynamic animation in line with the high-octane pace of the in-game action. One big focus was the creation of the hyper-realistic model for the main characters.

We became involved in this project very early in the global production of the game. We had access to its very first versions, and then to a constantly updated build at Ubisoft’s headquarters in Montreal. So, you might say that, together, we went through all the exciting but challenging phases of building of a new IP. We received a large dose of understanding, trust, and positive feedback at every stage of the production. – says Bartek Kik, Hyper Scape trailer director, from Platige Image.

Agata Bereś – Platige Image

For the mocap session we spent 5 days on the set, with 2 days for capturing the main elements and one day for try out, one for additional photos, and another for the faceware session. It was really key to showcase fluidity and dynamism in the movement, so we worked with the amazing Maciek Kwiatkowski and two fantastic parkour artists; Monika Mińska and Jakub Grossman. – adds Agata Bereś CG Producer at Platige Image.

Maintaining the animation-producing process after the pandemic was announced was one of the biggest challenges. Despite this unusual situation, work on the production was not interrupted and was carried out in accordance with the assumed schedule.

Piotr Prokop – Platige Image

The trust received from Ubisoft is a reason to be proud and also a great responsibility. We are glad that, in this difficult time, we were able to commit to such an outstanding production.- concludes Piotr Prokop, Business Development Director at Platige Image.

The CGI trailer is released today as part of the announcement for the game’s official PC Open Beta. The full launch of Hyper Scape is planned for later this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

About Platige Image

Platige Image is a Polish production and post-production studio. It specializes in computer graphics, 3D animation and visual effects for the film, entertainment and advertising industries, production of mass events and broadcast design for TV studios using Vizrt technology. It is especially renowned for cinematics for world-known game developers.

The team comprises over 200 creative professionals: directors, art directors, graphic designers, animators and producers. For over 20 years the studio collected numerous awards and distinctions i.a. BAFTA, EFA, Goya Award, SIGGRAPH Awards as well as nominations to Oscars, Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival and Leone d’Oro at The Venice Film Festival.

Source: Platige Image

For more information, please visit at Platige Image

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