Invasion VFX Breakdowns by Main Road Post

Invasion VFX Breakdowns by Main Road Post

Main Road Post, This time we want to make some experiment with making of. It will be a few episodes of short VFX stories about our work on INVASION movie, the sequel of Attraction.

Episode 1 : MONTAGE

Contains an assemble of our work. All the shots are full cg except the one with close-up of the girl and another with three people on the lake. Watch it till the end! There is a bonus.

Next episodes of these stories will be focused on how we made that shots. Enjoy!


This time we showing greyshade animations for explaining how the shots were made.

Episode 3 : DUCK TOOLS

When the reality hits you in the face how will you solve the impossible? In this episode team Zeppelin will cover the aspects of creating the most sophisticated AI toolset in the history of our company.

Episode 4 : ENDGAME 

We’re finishing our journey into the making of series of the INVASION visual effects with this episode made by MRP Rockstars. Nothing more to say.

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For more information, please visit at Main Road Post

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