MocapX: real-time facial mocap for the iPhone and Autodesk Maya

MocapX: real-time facial mocap for the iPhone and Autodesk Maya

11 January 2020 – An entire facial motion studio at your fingertips. For only $299.

Top performance at the lowest possible price. MocapX

Create film animations, games and characters. Making life easier for professional filmmakers, animators and art students of various fields. All of this is made possible with MocapX.

User friendly motion capture software available for anyone with the latest generation iPhone with face recognition.

For only $299, MocapX will open you up to an entire world of creativity. MocapX and iPhone are all you need to create your own facial animations for games, television shows and films. You can now create motion capture projects beyond your wildest dreams at any time and place. MocapX works with any Maya rig and boasts intuitive controls and professional results.

MocapX takes full advantage of the iPhone True Depth Camera. This allows users to transfer several characters at once using their phone or tablet and then animate them in real time in Maya. MocapX runs on Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Key features

•    The iPhone front camera captures facial expressions and transforms them live into a 3D Maya character

•    Record facial data on your phone and import to Maya at your convenience. Try 30 seconds of recording for free before buying the PRO license.

•    Keypad animation feature: User can animate with sliders, joysticks and keypads. Similar to DJ equipment or a game controller.

•    52 facial expressions plus head position/rotation: User can perform 52 different expressions like blink, mouth open, smile…

•    Smart recording in Maya: User can go back in time and create a clip

•   Eye tracking: User can record eye movements

•   Production and custom rig support: User can work with Maya custom rig. Custom rigs are essential for animation in Maya

•   Pose library for non-destructive workflow: User can store a pose (expression) for a 3D character to match the user’s expression

•   Multi-device/character support: Users can connect 2 iPhones and capture the performances of 2 characters in real time

•   Wifi or USB support: *Linux only Wifi

•   Win/Mac/Linux support Win

•   Maya 2016-2019

•   Also support for .5 versions of Maya

Download MocapX today and surprise yourself with what you can create.

Source: MocapX

For more info, visit at MocapX

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