Pixomondo Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

Pixomondo Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the incredible achievements of women throughout history. International Women’s Day is such a wonderful way to celebrate the value women bring to the world.

Pixomondo has always been gender neutral when it comes to our hiring process. We don’t give special treatment to women, but we certainly give them fair treatment! And that’s what each woman strives for – a fair chance and opportunity in a predominately male industry. We also have female mentors and role models at the studios and partake in events such as ‘Women in VFX and Media.’ We believe it’s important for all our artists – in particular female artists – to flourish and expand on their talents.” – Sara Mustafa, COO, Pixomondo.

If your are interested in being part of the PXO team – which includes working with these extraordinary women below – please visit our job board or go to our website and check out what’s available at all nine of our worldwide locations.

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Cinzia Wang, Executive Producer, Pixomondo China

Cinzia Wang, Executive Producer, Pixomondo China

I’m an Executive Producer in Pixomondo China, and I’m the Business Director at the same time. I grow my career with the Chinese media markets, mainly the film market. Sometimes I see myself as a tailor. With the strong support in creativity, technology, and of course from people in the Pixomondo world, I’m customizing the needs for each client. And I’m excited about it.

The EP position enables me to work with clients in depth, which is the best way to study your customer. You become super sensitive to their needs, problems and thus the trends in the market. When I take the role of business director, that knowledge helps me lead my team to come up with a strategy for marketing, or adjust and develop our products or services. Especially in China, with rapid changes on the front lines, we have to be sensitive and flexible enough to respond to the markets.

Don’t only promote your shots, and making-of reels; promote your artists.

If you think it’s more than a job to you, then it’s right for you. It’s a demanding job, so certainly needs passion.

Mona Mohr, VFX Producer, Pixomondo Frankfurt

Mona Mohr, VFX Producer, Pixomondo Frankfurt

I’m a VFX Producer. I am driven by contributing the very best to my Team. Engaging with ambitious creative minds, tailoring visionary (digital) content and worlds.

I see the shortcomings of equality still embedded in our society. I believe each one of us has to make the effort, on their own ground, in very different situations, to bring forward the striving for well-being, be it our own or that of our society.

Set your intention – Don’t doubt yourself. If you want to do it, go for it.

After the first high comes the first low, but stay your course, sink your teeth in, get the knowledge and make the department you aspire to conquer your new home.



Natasha Francis, Executive Producer/Head of Studio, Pixomondo Montreal

Natasha Francis, Executive Producer/Head of Studio, Pixomondo Montreal

I am a hands on producer and supervisor. I work to create a relaxed collaborative vibe wherever I work, whether on the VFX vendor side or on the Studio side.

Ensure that the HR/Recruiting departments and Management teams are focused on hiring the best, most diverse crew and also encourage them to take a chance on new talent that is hungry for the opportunity to learn and prove they are worthy of being hired. Work with Internships and school programs to go out and reach the new crop of artists. Hire Military Veterans. Make space available for people with disabilities. Foster opportunities for minorities and people from all groups.

Being a woman is not a handicap. Be true to yourself and use your talent and your brain to get recognized for the work you do. Trust your emotions and intuition, they are part of your uniqueness. Find someone you admire and ask them to mentor you. Do your homework, be prepared, be strong and be you!!! Yes, it’s hard and yes, you will have bad days. Stick it out, build a network of strong kick-ass women around you and rely on them to help you along the way and help them in return. Lastly and most importantly: Be the change you want to see, use your voice for the good of all women and all minorities, be a role model, lead by example.

Divya Gupta, Compositor, Pixomondo Los Angeles

Divya Gupta, Compositor, Pixomondo Los Angeles

As a compositor, I am the last one to touch the shots before they leave the VFX studio. I integrate various elements like live-action footage, computer generated footage, effects and artist renditions into a seamless video. The finished product gives the illusion of reality blurring real life with fantasy. I am a detective, an inventor, a story teller and an artist in my job. I assemble each shot meticulously like a jigsaw puzzle combining elements together to trick your eyes into believing my creation is real. Each of the shots tells a story in which I create different environments and travel with characters to diverse worlds. In a way, you are doing magic because it is hard to tell how it was done and that makes it very fascinating for me.

Compared to previous era, today’s society is lot more liberal and aware about the issues related to LGBT, ethnic minority, gender, etc. Globalization and internet have provided a means for people to connect together. A lot of shows are made to represent this diversity in the movies and a lot of the content is being produced and made by people belonging to these communities. We have a lot more representation of diversity in the industry than ever before and it is going to continue to grow more.

Hard work is paramount to success in this industry. Many projects have demanding deadlines and it is important to stay focused on the task. In addition, be ambitious in learning new methods and tools. Don’t be afraid to try something new and express yourself.

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About Pixomondo

Pixomondo is an international visual effects company with a global network of studios in Los Angeles, Toronto, Stuttgart, Beijing, Frankfurt and Shanghai.

We are driven by a passion for creativity and quality. For us, the real magic begins when extraordinary talent is given the freedom to explore the challenge of the new with a keen focus on extraordinary efficiency.

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