Riviera Title Sequence by The Morrison Studio

Riviera Title Sequence by The Morrison Studio

The Morrison Studio, Riviera Season 3, is available on Sky and NowTV – our latest title sequence we’ve designed and produced for the show. Another re-working of our iconic Kaleidoscope. As always, we’ve had great fun creating the sequence.

We wanted a strong and original visual concept to brand the show and capture the inner turmoil of main character Julia Stiles, and the world of luxury and power she operates in.

Using the kinetics of a kaleidoscope was the key brainwave, giving dynamic movement and energy to the images used within it. Making it work as an orchestrated symphony was the challenge. A vivid colour palette further enhanced the rich, lush world of the locations.

The distinctive score and title music for the show was created by Isabella Summers of Florence and the Machine.

Riviera, now in season three, is available on Sky Atlantic.

For more information, please visit at The Morrison Studio

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