Star Wars: Origins VFX Breakdown by Flipbook Studio

Star Wars: Origins VFX Breakdown by Flipbook Studio

Star Wars meets Indiana Jones – this is a fan film like no other. Filmed in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, Star Wars: Origins is a thrilling action-adventure film, telling an epic story based on earth during WWII.

With a breadth of new Star Wars films released in recent years, Origins offers fans of the series an alternative glimpse into the established universe that’s closer to home, all without any reduction in production value. With 3 years worth of work put into the film, the cinematography, production and VFX match up to the high standards set by the blockbuster series.

With over 100 4K VFX shots, Star Wars: Origins exceeds expectations for a typical fan movie, both in terms of production values and ambition. The Flipbook Studio team had just 8 weeks to complete the shots, including the creation of a CG star destroyer which rises out of a dune after being buried for thousands of years.

To make the star destroyer rise from the dune they initially considered a miniature shoot, however, Flipbook Studio proved that a CGI version was the best option considering both time constraints and image quality. Footage of the falling sand was layered up with huge scale sims generated by Flipbook Studio. All these elements were composited in Nuke, working with the artists in-house to push the results to the highest quality.

For the internal shots, lightning was key to integrate VFX and live-action. The fact that Flipbook Studio and the director agreed how to tackle the design of the inside of the pit during pre-production turned out to be instrumental for this scene.

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