Studio Interview: Mohamed Moolla, CEO, Inet Media

Studio Interview: Mohamed Moolla, CEO, Inet Media

August 15, 2019INET MEDIA is a privately owned post production studio. We specialise in post production, visual effects, CG, sound design and offer full production services for projects ranging from music videos all the way to feature films. Using the latest technology we deliver amazing results in record time and at tailor made budgets which we custom design to suit clients individual needs.

Today, Mohamed Moolla spoke to VFX Online about INET MEDIA.

// From Mohamed Moolla, CEO, Inet Media

How big is Inet Media and what are some of the biggest projects you’ve worked on?

We are just a little independent studio but have whole class quality output. We’re located in South Africa.

What is the history of Inet Media and how many people currently work there?

Inet Media started in 2003 with a single Mac Pro and a EX1. We have now grown from strength to strength and employ 8 people. The number of staff increases exponentially based on the type of project we work on.

Tell us about the company culture and what motivates you to work for Inet Media?

My company ethos is “One man can make a difference…but not alone”. Our culture is based on teamwork and collaboration. I encourage my staff to learn as they work. As I work closely with Adobe and lecture for and with them, I offer programs to up-skill free to all staff. We are all about making work fun but educational. Never stop learning is what I say to everyone I work with.

What’s the benefits those working at Inet Media? Share something about entertainment activities at Inet Media?

We love team building days, barbeques, random competitions for best vfx or edit or score with prizes and giveaways. Anything to keep our guys motivated and happy is essential for a healthy environment,

What’s are the recent projects worked at Inet Media? What’s are the special achievements at Inet Media?

Recent projects included a vfx intensive ad for BP, a job that’s still ongoing for a Saudi Arabian company etc. We are proud to have won a German Excellence Award for our Work on an international KIA TVC.

What software do you use and where do you see a shortage of talent at the moment?

Based on the type of project we use most of Adobe’s offerings i.e AE, PP, ME. For CG we use C4D, MAYA, Blender, Houdini, Zbrush etc. The shortage of talent, in my opinion are good directors and good editors. I haven’t seen anyone new rise through the ranks recently. The same people are being used again and again especially in Hollywood.

What do you look for when hiring junior artists? What’s your advice for junior artists?

Watch. Absorb. Experiment….Then repeat until you know your software like the back of your hand

How much ‘On the job training’ does someone get when they first start at Inet Media?

Every single day at Inet Media is on the job training. If its in studio juniors get a small project to work on. If its in set they are given jobs to learn and develop from.

How much scope is there for a junior artist to move between departments?

A junior artist can move anywhere he/she wants to. I will monitor this and will finally see where they excel. It is at this point that I gently encourage them to move towards that area. Above all else they must be passionate about the area they choose. One must live what they do, not just do it to earn a salary.

If you were to offer one bit of advice to somebody wanting to work at Inet Media what would it be?

Never stop asking questions. Let passion drive you at all times.

We would like to thank INET MEDIA for the great interview, and if you like to know more, Feel free to reach out Website, Linkedin and Twitter.

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