TESSÆ Bling Music Video by David Tomaszewski

TESSÆ Bling Music Video by David Tomaszewski

WATCH, TESSÆ Bling Music Video by David Tomaszewski.

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Shooted, edited, rigged and directed by David Tomaszewski
Produced by Naila Mansour – NINAA Ltd.

Styling: Jeanne Friot

Camera Playbacks operator: Tom Orsini (Marseille)

Drones pilots:
Egor Balyshev (Germany)
Justin Namon / WhoFPV (Miami, US)
Fedor Schmidt (Moscow, Russia)

Additional Plans:
Rohan Katwe (Hampi, India)

Hands & Guns: Naila Mansour

Creative Consultant and Weapons Technical Advisor: Dorian Cal

Sound mixing: Alexandre Poirier

Mainly filmed in London, UK
in March, April and May 2020

For more information, please visit at TESSÆ

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