The Funky Burger Animation by Leons Digital

The Funky Burger Animation by Leons Digital

The funky burger joint in the UK needed a flashy Logo Animation and was directed to us through a friend and the client is delighted on the deliverables.

“Leons Digital Technologies (LDT) offers Computer Generated Imaging (CGI). Some call it virtual photography or photo simulation. We call it an Art of creating images.

We are a highly dedicated team of 3D modelers with perfection in our DNA when it comes to hard surfaces like Automobiles and products. We have been in the business of 3D modeling for the last 12 years and a great team with a combination of traditional and digital art skills makes us very special. Currently, we work for US-based Automobile CG Imaging Company as their 3D model and CG Images supplier. We would love to work on 3D modeling projects for you and tailor-make our services to serve you with flow less production.

For more info, visit at Leons Digital

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