The Lost Prince VFX Making by Mikros

The Lost Prince VFX Making by Mikros

Michel Hazanavicius’ The Forgotten Prince has been in theaters for three weeks, our artists are finally revealing some of their secrets! Hugues Namur (VFX Supervisor), Christophe Courgeau (Head of the “digital sets” department), Eric Letourneur (Animation Supervisor) and Nicolas Borens (Compositing Supervisor) tell you everything about this film with 500 rigged shots!

VFX Supervisor: Hugues Namur
VFX Producer: Delphine Lasserre
Executive Producer: Chrystèle Barbarat

Digital Decor Supervisor: Christophe “Tchook” Courgeau
3D supervisor: Antoine Carlon
Compositing Supervisor: Nicolas Borens
VFX Coordinator: Alice Neichols
Digital decor: Tristan Février, Benjamin Bardoux, Manon Argousse, Thomas Jordanidis, Carlos Mendes Tavares, Coralie Risse, Zaineb Zirari
Lighting: Marouane El Bekri, Mathieu Trévisan, Abdulaye Camus Dansoko, Léa Gonzales
FX: Vincent Audineau, Abdulaye Camus Dansoko
Compositing: Romain Bavent, Charles Farkas, Adrien Bauve, Noé Fricoteaux, Aurore Pialat
Planning: Isabelle Renaud, Sophie Mailho
R&D: Alexis Oblet, Alexia Le-Tinevez, Elisa Prana, Rodrigo Andrade Botelho De Almeidar
Production manager: Edouard Valton

Animation supervisors: Alban Lelièvre, Eric Letourneur
CG supervisors: Stéphane Thibert, Alexandre Rouil
VFX Producer: Véronique Dessard
Production manager: VFX Gaël Durant
VFX Coordinator: Loïc Poës
Modeling – Texturing: Pierre Gilles, Yann Vlamynck, Ryan Bardoul
Animation: Guionne Leroy, Timothée Lardinois, Nicolas Moussoux, Manuel Lopez, Céline Boivin, Maxime Dropsy, Julie Espana Ribera, Zhamilya Khassenova
FX: Michael Pechberty, Benjamin Malartre
Lighting: Johan Laurent
Tracking: Yvan Galtié
Compositing: Barthélémy Beaux, Pierre Cappachi, François Crevecoeur, Philippe Frère, Morgan Hardy, François Lips, Fabian Urbain, Quentin Van Rossem

Production and editing: Léa Latassa
Calibration: Loïc Lavaux
Sound mix: Bruno Ginestet

For more information, please visit at Mikros

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