Volucam – Volumetric Video Camera Overview (15th September 2020)

Volucam – Volumetric Video Camera Overview (15th September 2020)

IO Industries Inc. is very pleased to offer the first event in our introductory series of online events. Our goal is to provide our online community with industry knowledge and experience as it pertains to the markets and applications we are intimately familiar with such as Volumetric Capture, VR, AR, MR, etc.

IO Industries recently announced the world premiere of our new camera, Volucam™. Designed specifically for volumetric video capture studios, Volucam is a new series of all-in-one video cameras with internal RAW recording. Compared to many of the 2-part (Camera + DVR) solutions IOI has provided volumetric capture studios thus far, Volucam incorporates key innovations resulting in accelerated workflow, simplified configuration and reduced support time.

Beyond simplifying multi-camera operations in general, such as mass setup and synchronization, a key capability Volucam offers is reducing the delay between recording and processing the recorded video. Volucam records high-bandwidth raw video to its internal high-capacity storage, ensuring no frames are dropped, then the camera transfers the video at high speed through a 10GigE connection to a network-attached storage system. 3D reconstruction processing can begin quicker, allowing faster turn-around to volumetric video deliverables.

Please feel free to message us with any questions you have or if you would like to setup a one on one session.

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15th September 2020 06:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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