24 Hours Animation Contest Open Now

24 Hours Animation Contest Open Now

Welcome to 24 HOURS! There must be 5 currently enrolled students for each team. You must also have a faculty advisor and permission from your school to participate. Teams may work from separate homes during this “pandemic” edition. Please fill in the fields below and you will be automatically registered. May the best team of animators win!


Contest runs from October 02-03rd from 4:00 PST or 7:00 pm EDT for us!


Please send the attached doc and/or link to your students wishing to participate this year:

Information about the competition

As we are in a pandemic, we will be allowing all students to work from home but must register in teams of 5. And even though they are virtual we still must ask that each team have permission from their home school (one faculty advisor for all teams is fine) – this will ensure all teams are currently students and this contest falls in line with each school’s student learning outcomes.

All teams will start at the exact same time and submit a Youtube link of the completed films to before the deadline (Saturday October 3rd at 4pm PST that’s 7:00pm EDT).

Late submissions will NOT be accepted so teams will need to plan ahead and trouble shoot any issues INCLUDING UNSENT EMAILS AND YOUTUBE LINKS THAT DO NOT WORK!!!.

Finished films will be judged by a panel of industry experts and prizes awarded to the top 5 teams. In past years we have had the pleasure of awarding over $80,000 in excellent prize donation from the following industry sponsors: Toon Boom, CSU Summer Arts, CTNX, ASIFA-Hollywood, TVPaint, Wacom, CRC Press, DigiCel, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, Animation Magazine, Nickelodeon, Disney, Blue Sky, Laika, Film Roman, Pixar, Stuart NG Books, and more!.


Each team of 5 must choose a TEAM CAPTAIN and choose a team name. Be sure the name is not offensive to others and is not similar to a registered team name (lists will be posted every few days on the 24 HOURS Facebook page):

TEAM CAPTAINS must register their 5-person team before Sep 25, 2020 – a registration link will be posted on the FB page very soon.

For more information, please visit at 24 Hours Animation Contest

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