Band Demo by Olivier Glon, 3D Director

Band Demo by Olivier Glon, 3D Director

Imagine, create and realize a sequence, a film, a happening in your image, for your message.

Specialist 3D for over 20 years, Olivier opens his 3D universe.

About Olivier Glon

How to conceive a visual as much esthetic as efficient? what imaginable solutions will answer to the consumer’s needs? what thinking will set up the right advantages forward?

As a concept designer I have been able to answer these questions for more than 15 years . From the original concept through the final version I can adapt myself to the specificities of your projects in order to bring to you the most relevant visual answer .

My Philosophy of Design

Computer graphic designer expert trained in an industrial background and art director, I go with your 2D and 3D problems, especially through animation and video integration .

During 15 years, I developed a real analytical approach to provide answers really adapted to your requests. Between scientific rigor and creative freedom , I can this way lead a deep essential thinking to elaborate applicable, rational and efficient concepts .

My Technical Expertise

3D Animation, integrated video, 2D and 3D illustration, 3D architecture, visual creation, corporate identity because of my experience both in industrial and communication realms, I can nowadays master a large range of technical tools. These know-how allow me to advise and offer to you creative original solutions to answer optimally on each one of your problems.

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Official website of Olivier Glon

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