VFX Hire: A global, centralized stage for senior opportunities within Visual Effects and Animation, across Film & Television

VFX Hire: A global, centralized stage for senior opportunities within Visual Effects and Animation, across Film & Television

October 15, 2020VFX Hire, After what has been a turbulent, uncertain year for us all, I decided to take a significant plunge after spending the last couple of years growing out transformational projects and new divisions in my London (UK) based role as the Head of Executive Global Talent Acquisition at Moving Picture Company. I noticed there has been a culture of Chinese whispers in the film and television world for many years. It has been difficult for talented, senior people in the Visual Effects space to learn about opportunities on shows and projects and Production companies have kept job offers in-house, leaning towards who they know.

In what is becoming an increasingly competitive space, where shows have grander VFX ambitions, the number of proposed projects outweigh the talent available and the demand for diversity is growing louder, it is time for a change. There has never been a better time for change. People are already used to adapting the way that they work.

I’ve been busy this summer mapping out the entire Visual Effects and Animation industries senior and executive level candidates, the shows they’ve worked on, the roles the y’ve performed, their interests, specialties and where every talent pool is located globally.

I’ve also been building a complete, international picture of all VFX vendors, Animation & Production companies, where they are located, their niches, shows and who the key people are.

Off the back of this, I have launched VFX Hire 2 weeks ago, both a data and relationship driven agency focused on providing a centralized, transparent and organized place where senior/exec candidates can be introduced to companies, projects and shows. We are designed to support VFX houses, Animation and Production organizations globally. We are dedicated to creating special team dynamics and bringing people together who share the same values and interests through a system we have developed which we call ‘consistent referral pooling’. We are also growing a remote network of specialist recruiters to support us as we scale.

There isn’t anyone quite like us, and with our industry adapting to squeezed deadlines, a backlog of shows, a thirst for new content, various transformations and remote working, we are already starting to pick up large bodies of work. Feel free to check out what we are doing here:

Source: VFX Hire

For more information, please visit at VFX Hire

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