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IAMAG Master Classes 2020: Stu Bayley: from Concept to Comp – Industry Talks

IAMAG Master Classes 2020: Stu Bayley: from Concept to Comp – Industry Talks

Stu Bayley will be part of IAMAG Industry Talks and will cover his experience as an Art Director and Director over various projects for the games and TV industry.

Working at REALTIME, a studio that has such a diverse subject matter requires a broad skillset and the ability to constantly reinvent working practices to fulfil a client’s needs.

Stu will talk about developing 2D visual design solutions and carrying them through to a final product, whether that be 3d asset or cinematic trailer. There are many key fundamental skills you must have when working in the visual industry but some can only be earned with experience and learning from your mistakes, Stu would like to share a few he made along the way to help anyone who may be following a similar path.

Lastly He will cover the benefits of his concept art and Art Direction background when transferring into Directing moving images and share my inspirations and references to illustrate how they manifest themselves in my work.

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