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IAMAG Master Classes 2020

IAMAG Master Classes 2020

March 6th – 8th 2020 – Paris

Learn, share and Connect with internationally renowned artists, studios and companies. Get your portfolio reviewed, apply for job position by some of the best studios and connect with artists from all over the world in the heart of Paris, with IAMAG Master Classes 2020!

Get your Portfolio Reviewed, Get one to One advices with Artists and Studios at IAMAG Master Classes 2020!

Extra Activities : EXCLUSIVE VR Workshops

VR Workshops are available for 3-Day and 1-Day Master Classes Pass

All equipment, basic training, reference material and models will be supplied.

The Only Event Including Videos from recorded talks with your ticket

Never be afraid to miss a talk at IAMAG Master Classes, we record the talks*, and as one of our attendees, we give you access, two weeks after the event, to the all the classes recorded since 5 years, during one month.**

* Parts under NDA are removed before publication

** After one month you’ll be able to subscribe to the video library to access more content all along the year

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For more info, visit at IAMAG Master Classes 2020

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