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Supporting Women’s Organizations in VFX & Animation Industry

Supporting Women’s Organizations in VFX & Animation Industry

February 26, 2020 – Only few days left for International Women’s Day! VFX Online shared visual effects and animation women’s organization list for all over the world. If you have more updates reach at editor email.

And, Share your International Women’s Day Greetings Message & Latest Updates at our editor email. It will be published soon!

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

VFX Online International Women’s Day 2020 Coverage:

Animated Women UK

Founded in 2013, AWUK exists to positively support, represent, celebrate and encourage women in the animation and VFX industries in the UK.

We aim to change the gender landscape by building a vibrant network that facilitates mentoring, knowledge exchange and education resulting in women in fulfilling their potential.

We welcome members from all disciplines of Animation and VFX including, but not limited to: writing, storyboarding, concept art, production, 2D, 3D, stop motion, environments, design, HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, project management and R&D.

Membership is £30 per year and gives you access to networking and workshop events, exclusive discounts and, most importantly, a network of over 1,000 women across the UK.

Want to Join?

Animated Women UK is a growing network of women whose goal is helping each other achieve success at every stage of the animation and VFX pipeline.

Here at AWUK, we believe we are stronger together and want to assist women from all backgrounds to fulfil their potential at every stage in their career.

We welcome all woman working in any part of the animation or visual effects industries as well as students and recent graduates who are at the beginning of their careers.

Membership is just £30 per year and gives you exclusive access to these benefits:

Free entry to the regular AWUK informal networking events (held in London and our regional hubs in Scotland and the South West)
Our monthly newsletter containing industry news and upcoming events
A growing number of regional events.
Discounted or free tickets to AWUK and collaborative events.
Access to and support from the AWUK Board of industry professionals
Discounts and offers from industry partners.
A network of over 1,000 women across the UK
Special access to industry-specific statistics and research

Animated Women UK Official Website | Join Animated Women UK

Women In Animation

Founded in 1995, WIA is the only organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. We envision a world where women share equally in the creation, production and rewards of animation, and we provide resources and connections to make it happen.

As the popularity of animation has grown, it now reaches audiences of diverse age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. As this growth continues, so does the need to ensure that animation content represents the world as it should be – a world where women are equally represented, both behind the scenes and on the screen, to move culture forward.

Women are known for the ability to value, tap into, and use our creativity and abilities to influence. And women’s influence in animation is one that rounds out the industry, grows revenues, and contributes to that forward cultural momentum.

Want to Join?

Join us in the commitment to raise the quality and quantity of leadership opportunities for all women in animation. As a member of WIA, your voice will be counted and heard as a part of our advocacy in the pursuit of gender equality across our industry.

WIA members-only privileges include special access to:

Exclusive screenings
Filmmaker panels and spotlight discussions
Professional development opportunities, such as the mentoring program and specialized workshops
Online member portal with directory browser, profile editing and more
Members only online video library
Online Job Board with bi-weekly updates
Networking events
The Phyllis Craig Scholarship for students
Discounts to industry events
Camaraderie with others in our industry

Women In Animation Official Website | Join Women In Animation

Women In Animation Uganda

Women In Animation Uganda, is a growing network of women whose goal is helping other women achieve success at every stage of the animation and creative industry.

We work with all women from all backgrounds of the creative industry and at every stage in their career to fulfill their potential and realise their dreams in animation.

Want to Join?

We welcome you to join our growing membership base and to help make our voice stronger within the industry that we all love and work so hard to support, feel free to contact us at

Women In Animation Uganda Official Website

Women In Visual Effects

Women In Visual Effects is a portrait and video series aimed to highlight and advocate the talented women within the visual effects field of film and television.

This series intends to celebrate the many women currently working in the industry. Through their stories and experience, we hope to shatter the normal expectations of women and reach out to inspire future generations of women.

Want to Join?

If you or your company would like to participate in this project, feel free to contact us at

Women In Visual Effects Official Website

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