The 37th HongKong Film Award Best Visual Effect Winner ‘Wu Kong’

The 37th HongKong Film Award Best Visual Effect Winner ‘Wu Kong’

April 23, 2018The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony took place at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 15 April 2018.

The Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA; Chinese: 香港電影金像獎), founded in 1982, is an annual film awards ceremony in Hong Kong. The ceremonies are typically in April. The awards recognise achievement in various aspects of filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, acting and cinematography. The awards are the Hong Kong equivalent to the American Academy Awards and the British BAFTAs.

The HKFA, incorporated into Hong Kong Film Awards Association Ltd. since December 1993, are currently managed by a board of directors, which consists of representatives from thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong. Voting on eligible films for the HKFA is conducted January through March every year and is open to all registered voters, which include local film workers as well as critics, and a selected group of adjudicators.

Best Visual Effects Winner

Henri Wong, Eric Xu — Wu Kong

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Wu Kong

Wu Kong (Chinese: 悟空传) is a 2017 Chinese fantasy-action-adventure film directed by Derek Kwok and produced by Huang Jianxin, starring Eddie Peng in the title role alongside Ni Ni, Shawn Yue, Oho Ou and Zheng Shuang. It is based on a popular internet novel titled Wukong Biography written by Jin Hezai. The film was released in China on 13 July 2017.

Director: Derek Kwok
Release Date: 13 July 2017

The VFX are made by:
More VFX
Dexter Studios
Parabucks Co.

For more info:

Official site of 37th HongKong Film Award

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