The Third Floor Opens First China Office

The Third Floor Opens First China Office

July 6, 2020The Third Floor (TTF) has now opened its first Beijing office, to be headed by International Media Producer Maggie Lu. Lu has fostered collaboration between Chinese developers and Western media companies for the past ten years, initially working at Dalian Haichang, and later transitioning to Wanda Group, where she helped realize some of the company’s most ambitious theme park attractions. Chinese directors and designers will have a local, world-class hub for Visualization, on par with THE THIRD FLOOR’s other main facilities in Los Angeles and London.

“Having seen first-hand the impact visualization can have in creating engaging new entertainment experiences, I’m especially excited for the opportunity to work directly as part of the THE THIRD FLOOR team! THE THIRD FLOOR supplies the building blocks that fuel production for creatives around the world,” Lu states. “I’m looking forward to leveraging this unique superpower to further support and expand China’s media creation industry, while cultivating local-level talent and expertise.”

Source: The Third Floor

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