Visual Effects Society Launches ‘VFX Voice’ Magazine

Visual Effects Society Launches ‘VFX Voice’ Magazine

VFX Voice – the magazine of the Visual Effects Society. VES launches global VFX platform heralding Society’s 20th anniversary.

The Visual Effects Society, the visual effects industry’s professional global honorary society, premiered today the inaugural issue of VFX Voice, the organization’s new signature print and digital magazine. VFX Voice is a quarterly printed publication, and the web version is now live at

Every key participant in the global visual effects industry will be reading VFX Voice—artists, technologists, model makers, educators, studio executives, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers, and VES’ nearly 3,500 members in more than 30 countries worldwide who contribute to all areas of entertainment.

In addition, VFX Voice will be read by key members and decision-makers of the global entertainment business, including executives in film and studios, independent production companies, visual effects facilities, commercial creation and production, music video creators, tech and tools hardware and software manufacturers, video game companies, virtual reality companies, and more.

VFX Voice is a quarterly printed magazine. In addition to housing the digital version, this site will be a robust platform of news and features between issues, keeping you engaged and up-to-speed on the VFX industry and the people who make it tick.

VFX Voice is published quarterly by the Visual Effects Society.

Subscriptions: U.S. $50: Canada/Mexico $60; all other foreign countries $70 a year.

For more information visit at VFX Voice

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