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VES Spring Membership Cycle Deadline – 15th March 2020

VES Spring Membership Cycle Deadline – 15th March 2020

Visual Effects Society, The deadline for the Spring membership cycle is Sunday, March 15, 2020 (PDT).

The VES Board of Directors wants our members to be on the lookout for visual effects industry colleagues with at least five (5) years’ professional experience. If you know a good candidate, offer to write them an endorsement and recommend that they apply for membership on the VES website.

Every VES member may endorse up to two (2) applicants each calendar year.

Why Join Visual Effects Society?

Be a part of the entertainment industry’s leading community of artists and producers, and enjoy a long list of additional benefits. The Visual Effects Society (VES) is a global professional honorary society and the entertainment industry’s only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners. VES’ over 4,000 members in more than 40 countries worldwide contribute to all areas of entertainment – film, television, commercials, animation, special venue, games and new media.

Visual Effects Society Member Benefits

As the only organization that represents the global visual effects community, membership in the Visual Effects Society comes with exclusive benefits that enhance your career, build your network and contribute to the future of the ever-evolving VFX industry.

As a VES member, benefits include: Global Recognition, Fabulous Networking, Valuable Resources, Outstanding Programs, Leadership Opportunities and Exclusive Savings.

Visual Effects Society Membership Requirements

Applicants for VES membership must be actively engaged in the production or creation of visual effects or their professional activities are closely aligned with or in service to the field of visual effects for not less than five (5) years, within the last ten (10) years preceding application for membership, unless extenuating circumstances can be proven, or they must have been openly acknowledged for exceptional achievements in or other contributions of merit to the field of visual effects and related arts and sciences, as determined by the Board of Directors. Every applicant must be endorsed by two (2) VES members in good standing, each of whom must submit a letter of recommendation to the VES on the applicant’s behalf. Furthermore, applicants must demonstrate visual effects abilities, a professional reputation and personal objectives which are consistent with the Visual Effects Society’s objectives.

VES New Member Application | VES Membership Benefits

The deadlines to submit an application for VES membership are as follows:

Spring Membership Cycle – 15th March 2020
Fall Membership Cycle – 15th September 2020

Source: Visual Effects Society

For more information, visit at Visual Effects Society

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