August Online 1 Day Workshop – How to get a better job? (8th August 2020)

August Online 1 Day Workshop – How to get a better job? (8th August 2020)

Masters of Motion, Prepare yourself for after the shutdowns : Know what you need to compete in this new environment and have a plan to develop your marketing material.

Be part of a 1 day small and intense Online Zoom Workshop. Get up-to-date on what studios and companies desire in new recruits. Discover what is presently happening in the industry. Examine your present goals, strengths & weaknesses, as well as, explore different career paths. Learn what it takes to create an excellent CV, showreel and portfolio, as well as, methods for good self-promotion and marketing. You will get tips for preparing and presenting at an interview. The workshop will improve your confidence & equip you with a solid marketing plan to help you get your next job.

Examine :

  • Your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Career goals and aspirations
  • The Motion Design, Illustration, Animation and VFX industry
    Discuss the difference between working :
  • Full-time, part-time or freelance
  • Industry rates and payments across industries
  • Contracting or running a studio
    Look at examples of many well known :
  • Designers and Illustrators
  • 2d /3d Animators and Motion Designers
  • Visual Effects Artists

Exercises :

  • Activity : What position is best for you.
  • Activity : Practising contacting studios over the phone
  • Activity : Practising contacting studios via email
  • Activity : Self-analysis questionnaire
  • Activity : Build a personal marketing plan

Learn & Understand :

  • What it takes to create an excellent CV
  • The essentials of creating an excellent showreel
  • Self-promotion and marketing techniques
  • Tips for preparing and presenting at an interview
  • Important tips on what not to do when marketing yourself
    Marketing yourself In the Covid 19 era :
  • How covert has affected the industry
  • How to adapt to the new environment

Equip yourself with :

  • Industry knowledge & marketing techniques
  • A plan and marketing strategy to get your next job

Networking Drinks

  • We will finish the day with a Beer and a chat.

Community support

  • This workshop is designed to support the industry and is not-for-profit.

Earlybird discount tickets end on Friday,
24th of August or if sold out first.

For more information, please visit at Masters of Motion

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