CGI For Automobiles by Leons Digital

CGI For Automobiles by Leons Digital

Research shows that more people choose their Car online rather than in-store, which calls for more flexible and richer online content.

Leons Digital, CGI has proven to be a powerful tool, not only for facilitating and inspiring a broader and more creative array of marketing concepts, but also for developing more efficient campaigns that can be easily customized to different markets and demographics. With absolutely seamless, photorealistic CGI work, marketers can overcome the need to shoot with a physical prototype, reducing the time to market and reducing the costs of a traditional car shoot, both to their budgets and to the planet.

Through virtual environments, automotive brands can now choose any kind of space in which to feature their cars, then drop a 3D model of the vehicle within. You can capture the car from any angle within the space and customize it as necessary, allowing the brand to have its own environmental assets that are completely unique — with zero need for shoots, permits, chasing the light or closing down locations. Keeping in mind that photo shoots usually involve moving vehicles for long distances and many people flying to remote locations, which ups the carbon footprint of each car shoot, virtual environments represent a more sustainable solution.

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