DreamWorks Animation Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

DreamWorks Animation Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the incredible achievements of women throughout history. International Women’s Day is such a wonderful way to celebrate the value women bring to the world.

Happy International Women’s Day from DreamWorks TECHWomen!

Girls can do anything

For International Women’s Day, DreamWorks Animation is reminding girls around the world they have the power to achieve. Ambition, courage, perseverance – girls have many super powers. And these qualities, just like those of boys’, are awesome. One powerful character is She-Ra, surrounded by the Princesses of Power. Join She-Ra in fighting the good fight – and forge a Balance for Better in the world.

Join She-Ra for International Women’s Day!

Interested to Join DreamWorks Animation Team!

About DreamWorks Animation

Over the past 20 years, DreamWorks Animation has introduced the world to a lovable curmudgeonly ogre, a noodle-slurping martial arts obsessed panda, and a bashful yet charismatic Viking hero and his pet dragon. Thanks to movies like Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon to name a few, DreamWorks Animation is recognized as one of the most admired family entertainment brands in the world. Dedicated to helping families dream and laugh together, DreamWorks creates and innovates 3D animated feature films, original TV series, and shorts, interactive media, live entertainment, themed experiences, consumer products, publishing, and trailblazing technology. Put all this together with DreamWorks Animations’ award-winning cast of artists, storytellers, and innovators, and, SKADOOSH – the result is a daily dose of laughter that comes to life across platforms, continents, and generations.

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