Masterclass at the View Conference 2020

Masterclass at the View Conference 2020

October 3, 2020 – The international VIEW Conference, Italy’s premiere event for Computer Graphics, Interactive & Immersive Media, Animation, Visual Effects, Games, Real-time Rendering, Virtual Production, AI, VR, AR, and Mixed Reality, brings top professionals from those fields to the beautiful baroque city of Torino, Italy for a week of talks, presentations, and workshops.

The 2020 VIEW Conference will take place from October 18 to 23 in Torino’s state-of-the-art OGR venue and virtually. “Because VIEW Conference will be online as well as onsite this year, we are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to include remarkable professionals from all over the globe,” says Conference Director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez. “VIEW 2020 will be amazing.”

VIEW Conference 2020 is made possible thanks to the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Regione Piemonte, Città di Torino and the OGR.

VIEW Conference 2020 Confirmed Speakers are Ed Catmull, Dennis Muren, Joel Crawford, Nate Wragg, Rob Bredow, Tomm Moore, Phil Tippett, Peter Ramsey, Kris Pearn, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Kyle Balda, Tony Bancroft, Walt Dohrn, Jeremy Clapin, Sharon Calahan, Osnat Shurer and many more.

VIEW Conference 2020 Masterclass

Masterclass: Becoming a Story Artist – Cinzia Angelini, Director, Cinesite Feature Animation

There’s a lot more to making an animated film than one would imagine. Once the script has been written, and the ideas have been outlined, it’s up to story artists, directors, producers and many other individuals to help with the development and evolution of a film. What is the role of a story artist, and what does it take to bring a script to life? Cinzia Angelini, an artist who worked her way up from animator and story artist to finally become a director, will present, or “pitch” storyboards from films like Minions, Despicable Me 3, The Grinch and Abominable. Watch the magic unfold as she shares some of the secrets behind storytelling in the movie industry.”

Process Deconstructed – Sava Zivkovic, Director & CG Artist

In this masterclass I break down my process with two projects, my personal short film FREIGHT, and the Outriders trailer I’ve directed at Axis Studios. We’ll go into detail regarding every step of production, from writing, storyboarding, previz, modeling, animation, rendering and post, all the way to the importance of sound and music and how I work with composers. With Outriders I’ll discuss the pre production and the pitching process at a large studio, and hopefully shed some light on this less discussed but incredibly important part of the process. We’ll also touch base on some of the new technologies that have become available to freelancers and small teams, and how they can influence the already established process of bigger studios.

Mastering Low And High Poly Hard Surface Modeling in ZBrush – Jonathan McFall, Programme Leader VFX, Escape Studios

This webinar will be a Masterclass in using hard surface modelling techniques in Zbrush. Hard surface modelling is about creating nice sharp edges, which is very different to traditional sculpting in Zbrush. Hard surfaces can be created at the low poly stage or at high poly and we will look at both. I will start off with the basics of low and high poly hard surface modelling and will finish by looking at the most interesting features available.

A to B: Apex Legends Live Service Look Dev Expedition – Todd Sue, Art Director, Respawn Entertainment

Take the journey with Todd through the challenges, processes, and strategies used for overhauling the graphics on Apex Legends, while millions continue to play online. We will span everything from sweeping global changes that impact the menus and the world, all the way to the smallest character details that make a big difference. From launch day to today, discover how improvements were squeezed out of the game engine using virtually nothing but art. Lace up and come along for the year+ long trek of getting from A to B.

Storytelling for Virtual Production – From Script to Headset

Iliana Franklin, Lead Tutor MA Storyboarding and Previz, Escape Studios
Anastasia Gurova, Director, Author
Austin Hill, Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist
Molly Babington, Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist
Stevie Stedman, Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist
Leroy T. P. Dias, Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist

Directing the screen for virtual production brings many challenges, one of them is what stories can you tell through VR that you could not with any other type of media. Escape Studio Storyboarding and Previsualization tutor Iliana Franklin will discuss with Escape Studios MA graduates in storyboarding and previz the story development process for VR production. The panel will provide an opportunity for a discussion with audience.

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