The Crown Season 3 Matte Paintings by Mattescape Studios

The Crown Season 3 Matte Paintings by Mattescape Studios

Mattescape Studios, In the third season of the award-winning Netflix-original drama The Crown, we follow the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Providing digital set extensions for over 15 shots for this season, we are happy to once again be part of the talented group of VFX artists delivering seamless visual effects to enhance the authentic feeling of the time period. VFX by Framestore London & Untold Studios.

Episode 3 – Aberfan

We were tasked to re-create the environments surrounding the Welsh village of Aberfan both before and after the tragic disaster, where a colliery spoil tip collapsed creating a slide downhill burying nearby houses and a school.

Source: Mattescape Studios

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