The Q-VFX Picture – Queer Mental Health Support

The Q-VFX Picture – Queer Mental Health Support

Q-VFX are coming to Brixton this March at award winning visual effects, animation and motion graphics studio, Jellyfish Pictures!

26 March 2020 | 19:00 – 21:30 GMT
Jellyfish Pictures Ltd, Valentia Place, London, SW9, United Kingdom


This month (February 2020) The Film & Television Charity released The Whole Picture Programme, a pioneering, industry-led movement for better mental health in film, TV and cinema.

The centerpiece of the 2-year project was an online survey that attracted 9,000 respondents, 5% of the eligible workforce . As expected, the survey data reaffirmed while so many love our industry and its extraordinary creativity, hundreds also shared their stories of stress and struggle, of being bullied, coerced, demeaned, of feeling powerless and voiceless, of being so desperate for a break that they wished physical harm on themselves, or simply wanted to leave.

Some of the most alarming data we read in the survey was that 87% of our workforce have experienced a mental health problem, well beyond the 65% UK-wide figure. Worse, more than half have considered taking their own life, and 1 in 10 have taken steps to end their life.

The survey saw increased risk factors for the freelance workforce, who make up the majority of our industry. And particularly saddening, for those who identify as BAME, LGBTQ+ or disabled, the numbers and risk factors are significantly elevated, with 94% of LGBTQ+ respondents declaring that they have had a mental health condition and 22% had attempted to take their own lives.

On the evening of Thursday 26th March, Q-VFX will hold an intimate event at Jellyfish Pictures new studio in Brixton where we will address this issue with an action-oriented panel discussion and the offer of private one-to-one conversations with visual effects and animation mental health first aiders.

We encourage attendance from our Q-VFX community whatever your age, gender, race, background or sexual preference.

Panelists and mental health first aid time-slots will be announced in the coming weeks.

Due to the subject matter and sensitivity of this event, we will be serving non-alcoholic refreshments .

For more info, visit at Access VFX

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