The Wandering Earth VFX Breakdown by More VFX

The Wandering Earth VFX Breakdown by More VFX

Directed by Director Guo Fan and produced by Mr. Liu Cixin, the movie “Wandering Earth” produced by MORE VFX in the visual effects has been released for 45 days. I believe most people have already seen this first hard science fiction movie in China. What is the visual effect of the film? maded? What visual effects did MOREVFX participate in this movie?

First of all, the MOREVFX concept team was very excited at the same time when it received the task. Because the world view of the wandering earth was very grand, although the crew provided a lot of excellent design and reference, the atmosphere map and element details of individual scenes and special shots The design still needs to be adjusted according to the company’s specific production plan and the director’s correct control of the film. Therefore, the main task of the MOREVFX concept team in the Wandering Earth project is to cooperate with the director and visual effects director to describe the picture and use the two and three-dimensional design methods to open the brain hole, break through the possibility of design style, and adjust and draw the lens atmosphere that meets the needs of the film Figure.

Atmosphere Chart

FULL CG scene atmosphere

Model structure refinement

Coating Design

Lighting Design

Special Effects

Building and layout of Beijing dam scene assets



Production of assets and optimization of environmental assets

Engine engine light rendering and synthesis

Frozen International Trade

Source: More VFX

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