First time in India – Virtual Production Pop Up R&D Lab

First time in India – Virtual Production Pop Up R&D Lab

September 29, 2020Centroid Motion Capture India, in collaboration with Cineom, Green Rain, Liminal & Famous Studios Ltd. are thrilled to announce the launch of their virtual production pop-up R&D lab for the future of content creation.

In-camera VFX (LED Shoot) + Performance Capture + VR + AR + Realtime Compositing + Lidar Scan scenes together makes up a Virtual Production pipeline.

Coming soon at Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, India.

About Centroid Motion Capture

Now located at our new purpose built Full Performance Capture Studio near Uxbridge town center, Centroid boasts one of the industry’s largest and most advanced facilities available today. Established in 1996 and with over a decade of experience in Full Performance Capture, Centroid offers both full optical and head mounted camera solutions to suit the ever changing requirements of the entertainment industry.

Centroid’s comprehensive list of facilities and services, from production pre-visualisation to finished post production animation, along with a strict secure data environment, ensure we deliver on time, to the highest quality and with project security guaranteed. Our strong relationships with award winning collaborators allow for convergence of supplementary services such as audio recording, body/face scanning, prop building, stunt crews and trained creature performers, enabling us to offer our clients a complete Production service.

Source: Centroid Motion Capture

For more information, please visit at Centroid Motion Capture

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