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Watchmen Screen Graphics by Territory Studio

Watchmen Screen Graphics by Territory Studio

Tick tock. Time for Territory to suit up and delve into the world of masked vigilantes, providing screen content for a number of key sequences in this HBO adaptation of the iconic graphic novel, Watchmen.

We were tasked with creating graphics that would fit seamlessly into this critically acclaimed and award-winning show’s incredibly unique vision. Working closely with VFX Supervisor, Erik Henry, we created multiple screens for ten different scenes throughout the series. Our work included UI, navigation and control screens, and overhead switches for the Owl Ship. This was a prime example of having to adapt to the style of the show, which was done through blending the designs of new flight technology with old, and integrating old-fashioned dials, altimeters and flight path mechanisms into the HUD display.

Final Shots

UI Screens

Owl Ship Development

We looked to combine next generation navigational tools with traditional flight components; altimeters, gyros, gauges, levers and switches. This married the interfaces with the Owl ship’s mechanical industrial aesthetic.


Concept Art

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