ASIFA Central – Create an International Animation Day Short Film

ASIFA Central – Create an International Animation Day Short Film

Let’s make a short animated film together!

This coming year 2020 ASIFA celebrates its 60th anniversary. As part of International Animation Day, each chapter is being asked to create up to a 2 minute animated story that gives us some insight about what makes them unique, what is significant for them as people of their region, culture, land, and language?

In this era of growing hate and prejudice ASIFA as a multicultural, multinational, network of artists has the untapped potential for communicating about our shared humanity. Given a chance, what could be achieved? What are the opportunities ASIFA could provide toward celebrating and raising awareness of our common humanity? How can we see the other as ourselves? As founder member John Halas stated, “we consider animation as a universal expression which is capable of immense contribution if given a chance.” How can we “help to promote progress towards peace and mutual understanding between all people.” as is states in ASIFA’s preamble?

We need to determine how this film will be created, will it be a collaboration of many, will it be a contest among individuals? Will it involve children, students, professionals? We can decide what story we wish to communicate about ourselves. The only limit is 2 minutes.

The combined film will make its debut on October 28th 2020 to coincide with International Animation Day.

ASIFA Central will start exploring our goals and ideas on Saturday, February 22nd. 3:00pm EST. We will physically meet (for those who can make it) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Any paid members are welcome to participate. We will use Google Hangout to connect people remotely. Our desire is to have participation throughout the midwest!

If interested please respond below so I can contact you privately with the details. Information on ASIFA Central memberships can be found at:

What do you think?

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