Basefount Animcraft 1.0 is Released

 1.0 is Released

September 16, 2020Basefount, It is our great honor to release a new software to you, the Animcraft.

What’s Animcraft

Animcraft (Abbr. AC) is a 3D animation sharing & productivity software.

It contains a general animation library, re-targeting tools, motion editing tools, and animation plugins.

Its core allows stable motion transfer between any bipedal (and quadrupedal coming soon) characters based on keyframe and controllers, regardless of the variations in the skeletal hierarchy, rigs, figures and, 3D applications. With AC, Animations will become visible, manageable, and reusable assets that accelerate your animation production.

How it works

Collect animation and character anywhere directly from any characters in 3ds Max, Maya, FBX, BVH.

3D Preview, manage, edit general motions, and character assets in Animcraft.

Reuse or export it to any skeletal or rig directly like 3ds Max, Maya, C4D, Blender, UE4, or Unity.

What can we do with Animcraft?

Manage assets (characters, motions, and more) with a more decent and scientific method

Motion editing and reusing with the most comprehensive retargeting tools.

Rig and motion data conversion and exchange (3ds Max, Maya, C4D, Blender, Unity, and UE4)

Reuse the assets to speed up your layout, cutscene, animation, rig process.

What is Next

This is our first roll while it’s far from the destination.

AC v1.1 is coming in next month with more advanced motion editing tools like rig controllers, keyframes, timeline, animation layering, simple constrains, physics, and more.

The Features –

Software Manual –

Release Notes –

Register and Download –

For more information, please visit at Basefount

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