Nuke Indie Updates

Nuke Indie Updates

September 24, 2020 – Today, Foundry is announcing the second round of updates for Nuke Indie.

Foundry, we are announced the latest feature updates now available in the newest version of Nuke – 12.2.v3.

Initially released in July and intended for solo artists, Nuke Indie combines the industry-leading node-based compositing toolset of NukeX with the conform, editorial and review capabilities in Nuke Studio.

This maintenance release, 12.2v3, introduces support for H.264 and AAC audio codecs, bringing Nuke Indie inline with all file formats supported by commercial Nuke Studio. 3rd party OFX plug-ins are also enabled in Nuke Indie, allowing Nuke Indie users to work with popular plug-ins including BorisFX Mocha Pro and NeatLab (ABSoft) Neat Video.

We are working with developers of popular commercial NDK-based plug-ins toward enabling support for these in the future.

For full details on these updates and other performance improvements in Nuke 12.2v3, see the release notes and the Nuke Indie website.

Nuke 12.2v3 is available to download on the Foundry website.

Source: Foundry

For more information, please visit at Foundry

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