ftrack officially launches Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio

ftrack officially launches Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio

Project management plugins reduce admin and manual tracking in real-time projects.

Stockholm, 13 October 2020ftrack, developer of project management and media review software for the creative industry, today announces official availability of the Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio. The Unreal Engine and Unity plugins come as standard with any ftrack Studio subscription.

Real-time project management

The Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio empower artists and producers to manage, schedule, track, organize, and communicate on real-time animation progress via a native ftrack panel accessed within the Unreal Engine or Unity interface. Effective project management processes ensure creatives spend less time on manual admin and more on artistic output, even as real-time productions grow in scope and complexity.

Unreal Engine and Unity plugin features

For everyone: Import assets from Unreal Engine/Unity into ftrack Studio; version assets; publish projects to ftrack Studio and view published assets; reimport a published scene.
For producers: Supervise all ongoing work in a real-time pipeline; organize project workflows; allocate teams and individuals to tasks; run online video review on assets.
For artists: Follow detailed to-dos as curated by project coordinators; add notes to work; update versions; document all progress and notes in ftrack Studio’s production tracking platform.

Magnus Eklöv, CTO at ftrack, comments: “At ftrack, we consider integrated project management and production tracking to be crucial in an age when pipelines are more complex. The creative industry has never had such flexibility, so it’s more important than ever to stay organized, keep people on track, and record the history of work on every asset. Our Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for ftrack Studio ensure such organization is easy and that creativity always takes precedence over admin.”

Unity ftrack Studio Images

Unreal Engine ftrack Studio Images

About ftrack – Where creatives collaborate

ftrack is the creator of the project management platform ftrack Studio and media review platforms ftrack Review and cineSync. ftrack helps creatives work more collaboratively and efficiently wherever their teams are based.

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For more information, please visit at ftrack

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