Forward Features List and Media Kit 2020

Forward Features List and Media Kit 2020

VFX Online Forward Features List and Media Kit for 2020 is now available. Please contact VFX Online if you would like to receive this.

Features are subject to change. Additional features and supplements will be published within our monthly PR Call or email request.

Read on to fine out about the hot topics of 2020. Forward Features 2020 and Media Kit 2020 is available now. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

If you would like to be on the distribution forward features list and media kit for this please contact through email at /

Forward Features List

Forward features list and special media reports are an invaluable way of generating media coverage in the VFX and Animation. To help your company, organizations, institutions or any of these specific opportunities, we’ve compiled the next seven months’ worth of forward features for the VFX and Animation Industry News through of VFX Online.

Forward features are used as an editorial calendar by publications, setting out what areas they’ll be covering in a given period. Make sure you contact the editor well in advance, having read the headings, if there is one – and make sure that you are offering an idea, story or piece of research that is relevant to what they are covering.

Media Kit

Complete Guide for VFX Online Advertising, Marketing and Promotional details.

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