VFX, Animation and Fashion Design in Kochi – Dreamzone School

VFX, Animation and Fashion Design in Kochi – Dreamzone School

Fashion Designing has become one of the prominent areas of education these days because the need for style and personal branding has been rising every single day. There are a lot of fashion design course that one can enrol into according to their requirements. Most of the people these days love to enrol into a vocational fashion design institute that offers crash courses on the areas on Fashion designing and Fashion Styling.

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What is the difference between VFX and animation for a film?

As kids, we grew up watching the hugely popular Mickey Mouse and Popeye cartoons. Today, we are often amazed at the scale and brilliance of visual effects in blockbuster films. VFX and animation are an integral part of media and form the foundation for hundreds of career opportunities for creative individuals. But people often get confused with the differences between VFX and animation. What does animation entail? Does the usage of green screen in movies come under animation or VFX? Does animation come under VFX? These are some puzzling questions we may have when it comes to defining the two terms.

Animation is the technique of giving the illusion of movement to pictures or images. These static images can be paintings, sketches, pencil drawings etc. Cartoon pictures, which have been the favourite childhood pastime for most people, fall under the purview of animation. Over time, animation has become more complex in nature. The earliest and traditional form of animation, used even today, is drawing pictures on sheets (called cells). These cells are then photographed against a constant background. Each cell will be slightly different than the previous one. When combined together in a fast moving motion, they give the illusion of motion to viewers. With advances in technology, animation has moved to 2D rendering using computer software, and 3D animation.

3D animation is quite popular today, and there is a big market for 3D animation films and promotional campaigns. 3D takes into account depth so that animated characters are more life-like in terms of design and size.

Visual Effects (VFX) is the creation of imagery that is computer generated, and mixing this with real life video visuals. Blockbuster film franchises and TV shows employ heavy and complex VFX to achieve the desired visual spectacle. So those amazing shots of huge skyscrapers collapsing or a superhero flying at great heights are mostly VFX. In order to produce VFX, sophisticated software running on high end computers is required. The work on VFX can range from creating particle effects, digital backgrounds, replacing the sky and other elements in the scene etc.

With numerous opportunities, both animation and VFX offers immense potential for career growth. Many people are intrigued over the two disciplines are enrol in career oriented courses to pursue their dream.

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