Renault commercial closes the saga of “Cave of the Dragon”

Renault commercial closes the saga of “Cave of the Dragon”

Video reveals Kwid Outsider, brand new vehicle that gives a ride for the characters to escape the fantastic world and claws of the Avenger.

What is the biggest trauma in the lives of “Dragon Cave” fans? Well, there are a few of them, from the fact that the Avenger carries a horse when he flies (the wings are his, too!) To the theory that the whole kid protagonist actually died on that roller coaster that teleported them to the world.

Nothing surpasses the fact, however, that the iconic cartoon for a considerable portion of Tupiniquins generations has never won an end. Since production was never a success beyond Brazil, CBS and Marvel ended up canceling the project before the last episode was produced, which played the destiny of the protagonists in the limbo of the absence of resolutions.

But after three decades of the premature end of the drawing, Renault decided to close the saga of the young Hank, Sheila, Diana, Bobby, Eric and Presto to the height of the nostalgia of the audience of “Cave of the Dragon”. The brand launched its newest campaign on two fronts today: unveiling Kwid Outsider’s debut as it ends the show’s journey in a live-action adaptation of the story. Check out the entire piece.

With little more than a minute and 45 seconds, the commercial “Leave the Impossible Back” is the brand itself the largest advertising campaign that Renault has ever made in the country, and the budget does not let it fool. Created by DPZ & T , the play has a blockbuster scale and a production that seeks to honor the legacy of the series, from the faithful recreation of the costumes to the return of voice actor Orlando Drummond (almost 100 years old) to play the voice of villain Avenger, through filming in Argentina, near the border with Bolivia and Chile.

According to Frederico Goyret, director of marketing for Renault in Brazil, the idea behind “Let the Impossible Behind” was to contextualize Kwid Outsider within the universe of pop culture, in the same format that was made with the original Kwid in the campaign of the brand with the Hulk in 2017 . “In the case of ‘Cave of the Dragon’, we have a series that has become a phenomenon in the country, but that no other brand has explored its potential in Brazilian advertising. Renault is the first ” says the advertiser.

“This is a campaign with a strong emotional component, because it affects the affective memory of the Brazilian. We are rescuing a series that people love and transforming the animation into flesh and blood characters. And Kwid Outsider will be the protagonist of this adventure, ” says the DPZ & T CCO Rafael Urenha, who also confirms that in addition to the teasers and posters released before the commercial’s debut, the campaign will feature other materials from the centerpiece, including spots that play with the “Dragon Cave” universe while demonstrating the features of the vehicle.

Source: B9, Renault

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