NUKE 10 has arrived!

NUKE 10 has arrived!


The NUKE® 10 release focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability and delivering new functionality in the areas you told us matter most: paint, playback, export and more. OpenColorIO integration leads the list of updates to keep NUKE in line with industry standards. And NUKEX® and NUKE STUDIO® get a powerful new Smart Vector toolset for automated clean-up, replacement and augmentation tasks.

NUKE STUDIO’s timeline toolset is now even better, with new in-timeline Soft Effects including a real-time keyer and color correction; enhanced audio handling; and a big push on improving performance. Whether you’re working as an individual artist or as part of a collaborative team, the latest release of NUKE STUDIO has everything you need to successfully complete short or long-form projects.

In addition, we’re offering early access to our new ray trace renderer: it’s not quite ready for primetime yet, but we want to get it into your hands now so you can test it out yourself.

What’s new in NUKE, NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO

Accelerated Roto Paint performance
Vector Blur enhancements
Localization system improvements
OCIO Integration
NVIDIA multi-GPU support
BlinkScript GLSL GPU path
VFX Reference Platform 2015 updates
Ray trace renderer – BETA*

What’s new in NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO

Smart Vector toolset
NUKE Assist updates

What’s new in NUKE STUDIO

Timeline performance
Chroma Keyer Soft Effect
Transcode performance
Blink Script Soft Effect
Color Correct Soft Effect
Audio handling

For more information visit at Foundry Nuke

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