VFX Horde – Big Discounts for Crew Members: Become One Now

VFX Horde – Big Discounts for Crew Members: Become One Now

September 29, 2020The VFX Horde Enrollment is now open! I wanted to provide everyone an opportunity to make the VFX Horde training more affordable by becoming a VFX Horde Crew Member ( There’s a bunch of benefits to becoming a Crew Member that all lead to big discounts on VFX Horde training. For the next 2 weeks, you can get VFX Horde Points for getting the word out about the VFX Horde that can be exchanged for discounts on VFX Horde training. You can join now and get added to a special VFX Horde Community group where we will go over everything. It is going to be a lot of fun! Help the VFX Horde out and make your training more affordable at the same time. To get you going on accumulating your points, you will be awarded 250pts immediately when you become a Crew Member. Here are the benefits of becoming a VFX Horde Crew Member:


As a Crew Member, you are given a personalized link that you can share on social media or through email. When someone uses your personalized link to enroll in a VFX Horde training, you will be awarded VFX Horde points.


You can also earn points for participating in special VFX Horde “get the word out” campaigns. Get the instructions and how many points will be awarded for specific campaign activities in the Campaigns Browser.

Point Raffles:

We will be holding point raffles in the Crew community group where the winners will be awarded a big chuck of Horde Points.

Ask People to Join the VFX Horde Community:

Invite your friends to be a part of the VFX Horde Community and get points for doing it. When someone registers for the VFX Horde Community with your personalized link, you will be awarded additional points.

Extended Enrollment Window:

You have one additional week to enroll in VFX Horde training after the enrollment window closes (week past October 9th). This gives you a chance to use all the points that you have accumulated.

No Caps on Training:

Each VFX Horde training is capped at a certain number of enrollees. As a Crew Member, you can enroll in any training within your extended enrollment window and enrollment caps will not apply to you.

How to become a Crew Member:

You first need to register at the VFX Horde:

Then you need to request a Crew Member Account:

You will be notified by email when your Crew account is approved.

For more details about how the Horde Points work, go to this page:

For more information, please visit at VFX Horde

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