VFX Horde 3DDMP Career Advancement Program Zoom Meeting

VFX Horde 3DDMP Career Advancement Program Zoom Meeting

November 23, 2020 – Garrett Fry, I wanted to give people the opportunity to have a one-on-one with me to ask any questions about the  so they can decide if the program is right for them. We will be looking at your reel and talking about your options. There is a link below to schedule that one-on-one.

Just as a refresher, this is what is included in the 3DDMP Career Program:

Develop a personalized Career Plan with your Lead (Garrett Fry)
Fill in your knowledge and skills gaps that are holding you back
Get a 1-year Nuke License.
Develop demo reel pieces from VFX Horde Sequences
Create detailed demo reel breakdowns like this:
Discuss interview and contract negotiation techniques

Here is the 3DDMP Career Advancement Program page for more info:

Enrollment Period:

The Career Program is now rolling admission so it works better for working individual’s schedules.

Who is the Program for:

Graduates from University who want to develop a demo reel that will get them a job in VFX as a 3DDMP artist.
Jr. 3DDMP artists that want to fill in their knowledge and skill gaps to advance as a Mid-level artist.
VFX Artists in other VFX disciplines such as Roto & Plate Clean up, Compositing, Environment artist, etc. that want to work as a 3DDMP artist.

Flexibility is Our Priority:

This program is designed to be flexible for working individuals so you can progress through the program in a way that fits with their schedule.

Get your Employer to Pay Tuition:

We have had success with employers paying for part or full enrollment costs as a means of advancing artists in their company. If you want a strategy for getting your current employer to pay for your training then please respond to this email or set up a zoom meeting. We can work directly with employers on your behalf.

What to do Next:

If you want to get the ball rolling, follow these steps:

Schedule a one-on-one with me here:
Before our one-on-one, it is really important to fill out this skills survey so we have a baseline skills profile to talk about:

Source: VFX Horde

For more information, please visit at VFX Horde

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